Empowering your supply chain management with effective inventory processing

Innovate your operational efficiency with next generation IT features.

Safeguard your business from product wastage with a digital stock take solution

Accurate data that assists with effective workflow planning.
Innovate your business with a digital solution that enables accurate inventory data with hassle-free stock taking solutions. Integrate your POS-system and ERP solution to fast track your stock take capabilities through data comparison to uncover any wastage. Finance Apps enables your business to have accurate data on all your stock levels in all your branches to ensure accurate prep list creations. Never run out of key ingredients with a digital solution that notifies you when your stock is low. Enable workforce efficiency with the elimination of physical stock take with an application that updates your stock levels automatically with every purchase.
Empower your business with accurate inventory level data to ensure on time ordering. Through predictive analytics you can eliminate wastage and enable accurate decision making processes. Have accurate data on all your business units and transfer stock to ensure business continuity. Receive detailed logs on the stock that came in and what went out to fast track your bookkeeping abilities. With a cloud based stock take feature you have quick access to all your inventory data to innovate your inventory management capabilities.

Streamline your supply chain management solution with innovative technology

Accurate product data to better business decisions.
  • Accurate product data

  • Expiry date tracking

  • Product usage levels

  • Operational efficiency

Enhancing positive customer experiences with accurate product tracking solution

Automate your inventory management solution with user-friendly technology.
Uncover discrepancies
Innovate your business with a digital stock taking feature that uncovers any form of discrepancy. Prevent fraud in your business with accurate data in your storeroom. Empower your employees to log accurate data based on what is in your storerooms. Prevent duplicate orders and fraud through regular digital stock take.
Less recounting time
Minimize your recounting time with a digital stock take solution. Our stock take solution is integrated with your POS system meaning that stock take can occur by scanning barcoded. Fast track your stock take solution by scanning barcodes and linking them directly with your finance apps application.
Organized warehouse
Through regular stock take you enable an organized storeroom. With an organised storeroom you have clear visibility on your products and can log accurate data into your procurement application. Increase your productivity through organization. Streamline your procurement needs with an organized storeroom that matches your inventory.
Expiry date tracking
Our stock take solution enables your business to log expiry dates to ensure a positive customer experience. Grow your business brand through fresh produce that is labelled and dated on your stock take list. Through an organised storeroom you can structure your products to be used before their expiration date.
Efficiently manage your procurement needs with Finance Apps

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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