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Innovative technology that analysis your data to uncover any wastage

Empowering your inventory management solution.

Intuitive technology to enhance productivity and curb product wastage

Unlock new opportunities through effective use of your inventory.
Eliminate extra inventory expenses with a software solution that uncovers product wastage. Finance apps gives your business monthly, detailed reports on all the products used and the products sold to showcase any product wastage. Through the integration of your POS and ERP system you can accurately track your stock usage to uncover any wastage. With a digital solution your business has the ability to compare your prep list, POS system and stock take form to uncover any wastage. Our digital solution showcases every product used and every product wasted to enable your business the ability to have zero-wastage in any aspect.
Structure your business to be zero-wastage, with our product wastage feature we enable your business to uncover the exact spot where regular wastage occur and implement an effective solution to prevent further wastage. Through global access your business has the ability to detect any product wastage in all of your business units. Enable an efficient manufacturing line with zero-wastage through the use of innovative technology.

Enabling a positive customer experience through effective inventory use

Fast track wastage detection an automated inventory process solution.
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  • Zero-wastage solution

Simplify your inventory processing to uncover any wastage

Optimize your business with effective wastage detection.
Detailed report
Empower your business with a digital solution that offers your business a detailed report on all the products used in a month. The detailed report is based on your inventory list, prep list and POS system to detect any product wastage and where it occurred. Innovate your business with a zero-waste solution through detailed digital reports.
Seamless integration
Fast track the detection of product wastage in your business with the seamless integration of your ERP and POS system. Our product wastage solution is equipped with predictive analytics to fast track the analysis of all your product data to uncover any form of product wastage in your business.
Innovate your business to take a zero-wastage and eco-friendly approach. Through effective product wastage detection you can eliminate the wastage of products and incorporate a greener perspective in your business. Enable future driven solutions with unnecessary product wastage detection that enables greener production capabilities.
Cloud based storage
Give your business a digital solution that enables the comparison of digital reports. Our software solution is cloud based, and it enables you to compare different product wastage reports to uncover any patterns. Empower your business with a software solution that is globally accessible and cloud based to ensure secure document storage.
Hassle-free inventory wastage detection solution

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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