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Intuitive technology that expedites the outlining of your workforce needs

Innovating your business with an accountability solution for accurate inventory usage.

Empowering your business with a centralized inventory management solution

Transform your business with effective planning to be zero-wastage and efficient.
Structure your day to day stock quantities on a digital form. Finance Apps gives your business the ability to fill in descriptive forms based on all the inventory and the quantities needed to complete daily tasks in your business. Enable effective planning in your business and link your POS system to ensure accurate data on all your stock levels. Through Finance Apps you have complete overview of all your business units and their prep lists. Enable on time ordering with accurate data that predict when your stock will be depleted. Empower your employees to create daily prep lists that synchronize with your stock room details.
Empower your business with a positive customer experience. Through user-friendly technology your staff can update the prep list when something changed to ensure accurate usage data. Keep track of all the stock going out to enable early wastage detection. We have incorporated predictive analytics into our prep list feature to expedite the creating of the list as regular items will automatically appear. With thorough details you can accurately track all your stock and the employees that was linked with that station to eliminate wastage. Empower your workforce with detailed planning of daily activities.

Intuitive technology that simplifies inventory management through accurate planning

Uncover an agile technology solution that simplifies your inventory process.
  • Time-saving solution

  • Seamless integration

  • Positive customer experience

  • User accountability

Expedite your procurement process with global access to all prep lists

Automation that links your inventory to your daily planning.
Inventory management
Streamline your procurement needs with a digital solution that automatically updates your storeroom levels based on the prep list and what is used. Our finance Apps software solution fast tracks your inventory management capabilities through automated updates to ensure accurate data when you set up your prep list.
Device compatibility
Our software solution is device compatible, meaning that your employees can create and upload their prep lists on a daily basis. Access your prep lists from any windows, IOS or Android device on a global level. Keep track of your staff and inventory through a digital prep list solution that can be filled in on the application.
Empower your workforce through accountability. Our prep list feature includes the filling in of names and the products that will be used, meaning you create accountability for any product wastage. Create an effective and reliable workforce that ensure a zero-wastage solution in your business. Increase productivity through accountability.
Effective communication
Fast track effective communication in your business through a descriptive prep list feature. Enable efficient communication between all members of your staff with a prep list that showcase the products that will be used and what needs to be ordered. Enable business continuity with on time ordering through effective communication.
Coordinate your daily productivity planning with Finance Apps

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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