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Enabling efficiency through on hand inventory request approvals

Fast track your inventory processing solution.

Customize your approvals for effective workflow abilities

Innovative technology for real-time order approval rates.
Approve every procurement transaction through a secure software solution. Finance Apps enables your business to create a workflow that approve order requests. Customize your approval settings with the implementation of budget controls and manager approvals to ensure that the correct products are ordered. Receive notifications on all orders approved to ensure that your paid out feature is linked. Expedite your bookkeeping capabilities with an approval feature that ensure the correct data is placed on your books.
Stay in control of your procurement needs with a globally accessible application that enables you to approve all orders on the go. Approve orders to your specific business units to enable business continuity. Prevent a stock shortage through an alert notification solution that notifies the right parties of awaiting approvals. Give vendors the approval to send the products you need to provide a positive customer experience. Gain complete control of your company purchases with a customizable approval solution.

Compliance friendly approvals that innovate your procurement solution

Streamline your approval process with our digital solution.
  • Customizable approvals

  • Device compatibility

  • Digital dashboards

  • Cloud based

Empower your business with swift access to all inventory requests

Optimize your procurement solution through digital approvals.
Innovate your business with a digital solution that notifies you when an approval is needed or made. We have encrypted our Finance Apps solution to send alert notifications to the related parties in regards to approvals. Through custom approvals the relevant party is notified of the approval needed with complete details on what the approval is needed for.
Fast track your approval rate with a software solution that is globally accessible. Grant approvals on hand and on the go with a device compatible software solution. Receive alert notifications on approvals and complete them on a global basis. Ensure business continuity with an innovative software solution that grants approvals at the touch of a button.
Unique approvals
Customize your approval solution to be unique to your business. Create a workflow solution that includes relevant parties in the approval process. Empower your employees to link managers in the ordering process. Ensure that approvals are done in line with your workflow structure and your budget limitations.
Supply chain management
Empower your business with a supply chain management solution. Our Finance Apps software solution fast tracks the approval of product orders to ensure effective supply chain management. Through workflow structuring you can enable effective supply chain management meaning you enable business continuity.
Promote excellence in your business through Finance Apps

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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