Time and cost savings with digital restaurants.

Time and cost savings with digital restaurants.

In a world where digital processes have become a key aspect in the success of a business, it is important to digitise with it. Digital restaurants have become the norm to keep up with the fast-paced lives of individuals. Through innovative technology and seamless integrations, restaurants have the ability to save time and money.

Through the digitization of restaurants with the use of tablets or any smart device to log in orders from customers, it saves order processing and completion time. Customers receive their orders faster and more accurately. Eliminate errors in orders with technology that prevents spelling mistakes or even table mistakes.

Link your POS with the tablets that waiters use to minimize paper and time wastage with manual processes of writing down and then entering the data in the POS. Tablets are easy to use, and backup data that offer accurate reports based on inventory used.

Keep track of your inventory that is used throughout the day by linking your POS system with a procurement solution. Finance Apps allows your business to integrate with your POS to help you keep track of your inventory levels and to ensure on time ordering of new inventory. Simplify stock take with the ability to automatically minimize stock levels with the inventory that is used.

Finance Apps allows your restaurant the ability to access detailed reports based on inventory used from each user. Determine the need for higher stock levels for certain inventory items to keep up with the demand of the customers.

Give your business the ability to save time with digital procurement of inventory that is needed. Through digital stock take and inventory used reports, any restaurant has the ability to fast track procurement processes and ensure on time delivery for business continuation.

Digital restaurants have the ability to save money with the elimination of errors that occur when the wrong order is placed into the POS system. Eliminate overall inventory errors with the ability to track and process customer orders directly into the system that automatically notifies the kitchen on what is required. Accuracy eliminates errors and saves the restaurant money.

Gain a competitive advantage with real time access to restaurant information.  The benefits of a digital restaurant and e-procurement software allows for more control over inventory levels and stock ordering processes.

Manage the stock levels in all your business entities with Finance Apps, a centralised mobile application that is easy to use. Finance Apps offers any digital restaurant to seamlessly integrate with their POS system to track and manage all order that are processed.

Save time and money as a digital restaurant with a centralised procurement solution that enables faster and accurate service in any restaurant while simplifying the stock take and procurement process to ensure business continuity. Finance Apps assists business from procurement to pay while digitizing their restaurant for simplicity.