Rapid q-commerce adoption.

Rapid q-commerce adoption.

Q-commerce has taken the world by storm, it offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to have their wishes granted in a manner of minutes. Many businesses jumped at the opportunity to become a part of this experience, and a rapid q-commerce adoption began.

Quick commerce is based on providing customers with the products that they want within 60 minutes. Food delivery places such as Uber eats, DoorDash, Mr delivery and many more has jumped into this market, since the COVID-19 breakout.

Restaurants had to adapt their business styles in order to make place for the q-commerce. Digital procurement has allowed these businesses to adapt quickly and to keep up with the ever-changing demands of their customers.

Finance Apps is a specialized digital procurement solution that allows businesses to manage, monitor and track their inventory and contracts in a centralized location. Through real-time reports, businesses have the ability to determine the needs of their inventory levels based on past and present data. Empowering restaurants with a centralized procurement solution that assists them from procuring to payment to inventory management.

Finance Apps has assisted businesses in their q-commerce adoption. Through seamless integration into their POS system and digital stock take, business have the ability to keep inventory levels to meet the ever-changing demands of their customers.

Through real-time access to inventory levels, businesses can allow customers to keep ordering the items that they want without having to cancel orders due to low or zero stock. Predictive analytics offers these restaurants the ability to order the products required before levels are too low.

Manage all business units and their inventory levels in a centralised mobile application. Q-commerce adoption has enforced businesses to manage all their units centrally to ensure that clients on a global scale can enjoy the products they need.

Q-commerce require businesses to offer fast time for value, clients want the products now and not in a week’s time. Through seamless integration with POS systems, businesses are notified when and what they have to prepare for the delivery guy.

Many restaurants have a separate section for the delivery guys to make sure that normal restaurant flow is not obscured, and it allows for on time deliveries. Finance Apps allows for businesses to keep track of all orders that have come in and gone out.

Q-commerce has hit the world with a storm, businesses had to implement resilient solutions to keep up with the increased demands. Utilizing a digital procurement solution allows for those businesses to keep track of all their inventory needs to ensure that demands are met.

From procurement to pay, Finance Apps offers businesses a centralized solution to stay ahead of trends, and to adapt in with the q-commerce craze. Enabling business continuity with user-friendly software that ensures customer demands are met.