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Intuitive technology that empowers your inventory management to be accurate and up to date

Update your inventory lists offline and automatically upload them later on.

Transform your stocktaking abilities to be both offline and online accessible

Keeping your inventory lists accurate and accessible.
Keep track of all your stock levels even without a network connection. Finance Apps empowers your business to do stocktake in any situation to enable accurate inventory data. Enable your employees to do stocktake and synchronize the data at a later stage. Stay in control of your ordering needs even without an internet connection. Through device compatibility you have the ability to digitize your stocktake features and automatically synchronize it later on to your finance apps database. Increase your business productivity in any situation with an offline feature.
Empower your business with accurate data on all the stock in all your business units. Through a cloud based application you have global access to all your business data. Through the integration of your POS system you have accurate data on your storerooms. Our Finance Apps software solution updates automatically when it is connected to a network to ensure that your business data is updated and relevant. Keep track of all your ordering needs with an application that is accessible even offline.

Simplify your inventory capabilities with offline access to your procurement solution

Enabling positive experiences through product availability.
  • Minimize recounting

  • Time-saving solution

  • Operational efficiency

  • Seamless integration

Cloud based application powered with automation to showcase accurate inventory data

Keep track of all your inventory in all types of circumstances.
Uncover discrepancies
Empower your business with a digital solution that is accessible offline. Keep track of your storeroom levels even offline. Uncover discrepancies with accurate and regular stock take. Upload your product lists when you are online and automatically compare them to the used products. Uncover any product wastage even offline.
Less recounting time
Empower your workforce with a digital stock take solution that is integrated with your POS system. Our software solution enables you to scan barcodes and upload the list of products whenever you are online again. Our offline feature is hassle-free and effective and minimises recounting through offline access.
Organized warehouse
Through regular stock take you have an organized storeroom. Fast track your stock taking time with an organized storeroom. Empower your workforce with an offline feature that is effective in scanning barcodes and organizing your storeroom to be clean and efficient. Enable efficiency with an organized storeroom even on offline mode.
Expiry date tracking
Our stock take solution enables your business to log expiry dates, even offline to ensure a positive customer experience. Grow your business brand through fresh produce that are labelled and dated on your stock take list. Upload your product list with expiry dates when you are online to ensure a positive customer experience.
Effortlessly move your business into the digital age

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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