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Coordinate new opportunities with stock wastage detection

Advanced procurements software to improve your customer experience.

Eliminate overselling with accurate wastage detection

Seamless integration that fast track the uncovering of misused stock.
Enable business continuity with a software solution that detects any stock wastage. Finance apps is a software solution that tracks the stock in your storerooms and the stock that goes out to uncover any wastage. Enable a positive customer experience by providing products that fit the needs of your customers. Ensure that your stock usage is connected with what your customers want. Eliminate unnecessary products with a software solution that is equipped with predictive analytics to uncover any form of wastage.
Through the stock take feature you have access to past and present storeroom details to uncover items that are not used. Receive detailed reports on all your inventory after stock take to uncover any wastage. Through global access you can uncover any form of wastage in all your business units. Through cloud based storage you have access to all stock reports to enable your business to make future based decisions. Through the integration of your POS and ERP system you can accurately uncover any wastage in your business.

Empowering your business with predictive analytics for accurate stock needs

Minimize the misuse of stock with a reliable inventory management software solution.
  • Employee accountability

  • Discrepancy detection

  • Time-saving solution

  • Customer satisfaction

Gain a competitive advantage through detailed inventory reports

Innovative technology that uncovers any form of inventory misuse.
Detailed report
Uncover any stock wastage in your business with a software solution that gives you a detailed report on all the stock used and wasted in your business. Enable efficiency in your business with our software solution that uses accurate business data. Through prep lists, invoices and POS system integration stock wastage is discovered effectively.
Predictive analytics
Our software solution incorporates predictive analytics to showcase any stock wastage. Through extensive analysis of all your business data, past and present, to uncover patterns of stock wastage. Enable a zero-wastage solution in your business with a future driven software solution that empowers you.
Fraud detection
Safeguard your business from any fraud with a software solution that detects strange patterns in your stock usage solution. Through future driven technology your stock wastage solution showcases any fraud detection based on your product lists in a detailed report. Safeguard your business from discrepancies with an innovative software solution.
Seamless integration
Fast track your stock wastage solution with seamless integration of your POS and ERP system. Innovate your business with a digital solution that automatically detects any wastage through seamless integration. Through predictive analytics our software solution analyses and detects any wastage from all your systems.
Achieve more with a zero-wastage solution

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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