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Intuitive technology that fast tracks the sending of products between your business units

Creating positive customer experiences through available product solutions.

Empowering your business through hassle-free stock transfers between all your business units

Streamline your inventory management on a global scale through stock transfers.
Keep all your business units functioning with enough inventory through our innovative stock transfer feature. Through finance apps your business has access to all unit store rooms to ensure that you transfer inventory to all units that have a shortage. Enable business continuity in your business with a user-friendly feature that notifies your units when stock will be transferred to a different location. Receive GRNs when you transfer stock to ensure accurate documentation. Keep track of all your inventory levels with an overview to ensure on time stock transfers.
Create a positive customer experience with business units that always have stock. Through innovative technology you can track all inventories of your business units and do on time stock transfers before the new stock arrives. Through a digital form you can move stock from one distribution phase to the next phase to ensure on time delivery of goods. Have access to all previous and current stock transfer forms in one location for accurate expense management, through cloud based storage your documents are protected and globally accessible.

Customize your stock transfer solution to enable a positive customer experience

One software solution that fast tracks the sending and receiving of stock between units.
  • Compliance friendly

  • Business continuity

  • Seamless integration

  • Unified records

Customize your product bundles to enable efficiency in all transfer requests

Keep track of all your transfer request through secure cloud based storage.
Complete documentation
Empower your business with compliance, document all the stock transfers between your business units. Hassle free forms enable your business to send stock to other business units. Have access to all stock transfer forms to fast track your bookkeeping and fraud detection capabilities in your business.
Accurate data
Through regular stock take excursions your Finance Apps software solution showcases accurate data of all your business units. Send the right amount of stock to the right business unit through a software solution that automatically updates the data when a product is used. Enable business continuity with effective stock transfers.
Inventory management
Our stock transfer feature is linked to your inventory management. Through regular stock takes, POS system integration and ERP integration your inventory management is fast track to showcase relatable data. Do stock transfers at the touch of a button with an organised inventory management solutions.
Organized storeroom
Through regular stock takes and accurate expiry date stocking your business can benefit from an organised storeroom. With an organised storeroom your business has that ability to know the entirety of all your business unit storerooms. Send stock to units who need it, through an organised storeroom.
Innovating your business through rapid order transfers to enable effective productivity

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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