Seamless integration that innovates your business productivity from procurement to pay

Next generation technology that fast tracks your order payment solution.

Transform your business with an agile application that fast tracks your accounting capabilities

Promote business productivity with streamlined procurement processes.
Innovate your bookkeeping capabilities with a secure storage solution that tracks all paid out orders. Finance Apps is equipped with a paid out feature that logs every purchased order. Empower your business with a software solution that tracks all the orders paid by all your business units to prevent any fraudulent actions. Through global access you can track all your business expenses and which units they are linked to, in order to fast track the uncovering of any stock wastage. Expedite the payment of orders with secure online payment solution that finance apps offers your business, receive direct payment notifications and store all receipts on our cloud based solution to fast track your bookkeeping abilities.
We have implemented extra security measures to ensure that all transactions are secure. Keep track of all your business expenses with a detailed log that showcases monthly expenses of each unit. Integrate your POS system with your finance apps solution to enable accurate stock tracking that is linked with your expenses. Enable early fraudulent detection with accurate records of all expenses and orders that is paid. Our paid out feature is linked with credit notes to ensure an accurate balance of all your orders purchased or sent back.

User-friendly technology that innovates your procurement solution through global access

Cloud based application that enable secure payment solutions.
  • Time saving

  • Global payment solution

  • Accurate bookkeeping

  • Unified records

Optimize your procurement needs to simplify business transactions

Simplify your payment solution with hassle-free features at the touch of a button.
Order tracking
Our software solution enables your business to track your order and the shipping date as soon as payment is received. Track your orders to ensure that you have continuous flow of productivity. Ensure a positive customer experience with consistent flow of products. The paid out feature is linked with your order tracking feature.
Secure payments
We have encrypted our payment solution with cyber security to ensure that your payments are done in a protected manner. Empower your business with secure payment solutions that ensure you can do transactions on the go from your Finance Apps software solution. Confirm orders through online payment solutions that are digital.
Unified documentation
Compare all your documents from vendors in one secure location. Our Finance Apps solution stores your purchase orders, quotations, invoices and receipts in one location. Through secure login solutions you can securely access and compare prices and products to ensure accurate bookkeeping.
Credit notes
Your paid out feature is linked with your credit note feature, meaning your receipts and payment allocations showcase accurate date. Through automation your amount is updated to include relevant credit notes. Enable accurate bookkeeping and expense tracking through innovative technology that include all relevant business data.
Embrace the digital future with a hassle-free cloud based application

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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