Optimize your expense management capabilities with a digital solution

Empower your supply chain management with an accessible documentation solution.

Innovating your business with a reliable, flexible and effective order processing solution

Cloud based application that enables secure document storing.
Empower your bookkeeping capabilities with a digital invoicing solution that is globally accessible. Receive invoices on all the products that you order to fast track the approvals and payment cycles. Innovate your business with a software solution that guides your business from choosing products from different vendors to invoicing that is accurate. Keep track of all your branches with an invoice solution that showcase the correct currency with the relevant branch. Through cloud based storage you can securely store all your invoices to enable global access to your business data.
Receive notifications on all invoices received and have direct access through a secure login process. Eliminate paper wastage with a digital solution that is device compatible to fast track the accessing and interpreting of all invoices. Enable three-way matching in Finance Apps to ensure accurate date, compare your POS, GRNs and invoices to ensure consistency and accuracy in all your orders and to prevent any order duplicates. Gain a competitive advantage with a digital solution that grants the creation of multiple invoices to simplify your inventory procurement process.

Streamline your supply chain needs with a digital procurement solution

Effortless vendor management solution for your business.
  • Access Control

  • User-friendly technology

  • Accurate order payments

  • International currencies

Gain a competitive advantage with an international invoice solution

Secure digital solution to fast track your processing capabilities.
Global access
Empower your business with a software solution that is globally accessible. Have on the go access to your application. Ensure that your procurement needs are taken care of for all your units with an application that is device compatible to ensure on the go a global access. Through secure login solutions you can securely access your business data.
Multiple invoices
Have access to multiple invoices through a secure application. Compare vendor prices with access to different invoices. Our application offers your business the ability to access multiple invoices in different formats to fast track your payment solution. Ensure business continuity with access to multiple invoices linked to your business units.
Our innovative software solutions sends alert notifications to enable quick access to invoices. Fast track your payment solution to vendors with notifications that remind you of invoices sent to people. Fast track your procurement solution with detailed notifications on invoices received. Stay in control of your bookkeeping with accurate notifications.
Printable format
Empower your business with a software solution that enables a printing format of all your invoices. Our software solution is device compatible meaning you can print your invoices for bookkeeping reasons. Store your invoices in pdf format to ensure accessibility and printability in your business.
Automate your invoice processing solution through Finance Apps

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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