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Innovate your bookkeeping capabilities through accessible digital procurement receipts

Detailed order documentation to enable accuracy in your business.

Fast track your expense management solution with digital inventory documentation

Intuitive technology that logs all purchase entries.
Coordinate your bookkeeping with new inventory through the hassle-free Goods Received Notes feature. Finance apps enables your business to keep track of all your products that you receive. Through alert notifications your business is informed of orders that are delivered. With a digital GRN solution you fast track the in log of new inventory. Empower your workforce with a digital solution that fast tracks the counting of stock with an accurate digital receipt to show what you ordered from where. Keep track of all your orders and their delivery times to ensure on time order payments.
Send stock to all your business branches and receive notifications on when they are received. Through complete integration you have the ability to monitor the orders that are logged in and compare them to relevant documentation. Innovate your business with an effective three-way matching solution that compares purchase orders, invoices and GRNs to ensure accuracy in your storerooms. Safeguard your business from duplicate orders with digital access to all your GRNs.

Streamline your production planning with a proof of delivery feature in one application

Innovate your business with an inventory management solution.
  • Cloud based

  • Order fulfilment confirmation

  • Positive supplier relationship

  • Efficient bookkeeping

Digitize your business with a three-way matching solution that enables accuracy

Heighten your business abilities with a secure application.
Access control
Empower your business with a digital solution that is safeguarded with access control. We have encrypted our Finance application with access control to prevent any data-loss from occurring. Safeguard your business from any fraudulent activities through access control that authenticates every user.
Time saving
Innovate your workforce with a secure application that fast tracks the logging of new stock. Our goods received note features enables your business to digitally access the document on the receiving of the product to match the order with the received goods. Through global access you can compare different GRNs to enable effective decision making.
Transaction documentation
Use your GRN feature as accurate documentation of the transaction between you and the supplier. Keep track of all your stock with documentation that showcases the products delivered to your business units. GRNs can be seen as legal transaction documents as they list the products delivered to your business units.
Three-way matching
Our GRN feature enables your business to fast track your three-way matching capabilities. Ensure the receiving of the correct products by comparing your invoices, purchase orders and GRNs to prevent any fraud or duplicates. Enable accurate bookkeeping with accurate data through the comparison of supplier documents.
Move your business into the digital future with Finance Apps

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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