Intuitive technology that fast tracks the receiving of accurate credit notes

Return orders to vendors with the touch of a button.

Ensure quality control in your business with hassle-free returns and digital credit notes

Cloud based storage to ensure global access to your credit notes.
Return inventory to vendors at a touch of a button and receive a digital credit note as confirmation. Finance Apps gives your business to log any inventory returns and receive documentation from the vendors. Through descriptive order return forms you state what you return and how much you return to the vendor to enable them to be prepared for the stock return. With our innovative technology you are notified when your order was received by the vendor and the digital credit note that they send. Empower your bookkeeping capabilities with accurate credit notes that are digitally accessible.
Enable business continuity with a cloud based software solution that is globally accessible and stores your credit notes securely with access control. With global access all your business units have the ability to send stock back to vendors and receive the correct credit notes in the right currency. Minimize wastage with a feature that notifies vendors of stock returns. Innovate your business with a procurement solution that fast tracks the returning of inventory and the logging of returns to ensure unified documentation in your business.

Automation that streamlines efficiency in your inventory management solution

Enabling minimal product wastage through relevant and detailed credit notes.
  • Cloud based storage

  • Device Compatibility

  • Multiple document formatting

  • Inventory management

Innovative technology that enables effective expense management through automation

Empowering your business with a centralized database for all your credit notes.
Quality control
Innovate your business with a software solution that assists your business in quality control. Receive quality products for your business and effortlessly send products back if they are wrong. Enable continuous quality and consistency in your business with a credit note feature that is accessible on the go and on hand.
Inventory management
Our software solution empowers your inventory management capabilities, through effective and instant credit notes your business can directly log that the produce was returned during the inventory of the new produce. Keep your inventory up to date and accurate with innovative technology.
Operational efficiency
Streamline your business capabilities with a software solution that fast tracks the logging products that are returned. Enable accurate documentation to showcase the products you returned and the reason why. Create operational efficiency in your business with a software solution that is user-friendly and effective.
Receive alert notifications when your credit note is received. Our software solution enables efficiency through alert notifications that informs your business of a credit note received. Fast track your bookkeeping capabilities with a software solution that securely stores your credit notes on a cloud based storage solution that is accessible and effective.
Intertwine your expense management and inventory management through accurate credit notes

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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