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Renew your business contracts on time with Finance Apps

Innovative technology that stores all your contract information.

Fast track the managing of all your supplier contracts

Simplify book keeping with instant cash flow dashboards.
Simplify your procurement needs with a contract management solution that compiles all your contract data into one application. Securely access all your contract data, past and present in one location, have access to digital copies of all your contracts from different suppliers. Receive on time reminders on when your contracts are about to expire, and renew them on time. Have access to information of the parties involved in the contract, with the names of the suppliers saved on our secure Finance Apps.
Give your business a competitive advantage that is Finance Apps, our contract management solution is seamlessly integrated and stores all your business contracts securely. Our application generated cash flow dashboards based on all your contracts. Have quick access to all your contract information. Our application sorts all your contracts based on date, business unit and the expiry date. Have access to contracts that were rejected or approved.

Keep track of all your contract information through one feature

Secure access to all your supplier contracts and billing information.
  • Digital cash flow reports

  • User-friendly contract uploads

  • Digital copy of contracts

  • Access contact details through contracts

Empower your business with on time reminders for all your running contracts

Optimize your procurement solution with a contract management solution
On time renewal
Our contract management solution send you on time reminders on when your contracts will expire. Grant your business a digital solution that enables you to renew your business contracts on time. Prevent the loss of a supplier with reminders that notify you on contracts that are about to expire.
Contract status
Have access to all your business contracts and have the ability to know which contracts have been approved and which contracts have been rejected. Our contracts management solution gives your business the ability to see past and present contracts and their status of approvals and rejections.
Contact information
Simplify your procurement management with Finance Apps, our contract management solution enables you access to the people that are involved within certain contracts. Have access to contact information of the people involved to ensure that your contracts are renewed on time.
Easy uploads
Finance Apps is a user-friendly application that gives your business the ability to upload a new contract form any device, anywhere anytime. Through a few steps you create a new contract on the database that includes all the information form dates to the products it is used for. Simplify your contract solution with user-friendly technology.
Contract management made easy

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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