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    Finance Apps has been built for all your procurement needs from user security to storing all your documentation.

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Finance Apps Version 94
Finance Apps, a global, specialized Procurement software company, this week announced they are launching a new and improved version of their e-procurement mobile solution: Finance Apps. Built to help organizations and specifically targeting those restaurants in the food industry, manage the way they do business. Version 94 of Finance Apps supports advanced predictive ordering, uses real-time sales data for production planning, performs data analytics and a sophisticated stock take feature that easily integrates into any POS system, promoting excellence and increased business efficiency.

Promote Excellence in your Business

Finance Apps gives you the freedom to run your business the way you want to.
Purchase Orders
Be in control of your orders from who and where.
Control your business by selecting who you want to purchase products from. Appreciate the simplicity of finalizing your orders with a touch of a button. Receive all your order acceptance letters in one location. Enjoy the control you receive with all your important documents in one location. With your POS-system integrated you stay in control of your business with always having enough products. The purchase order feature is designed to simplify your order needs.
Goods Received Note
Hassle free digital receipts.
Keep your business efficient with the Goods Received Notes feature. Receive notifications on when your order is received, in order to keep your business running smoothly. Keep your receipts in one location hassle free. The goods Received Notes feature enables you to run your business on your terms by informing you on when your order will be received. The feature gives you the opportunity to compare receipts to make efficient choices for your business.
Quick effortless access to all your invoices.
Receive invoices from all the products you order. Manage your business with ease by gaining access to all your invoices by a touch of a button. Make bookkeeping easy with storing all your documents in one location. Decision making simplified for the comparison of invoices all in one location. Keep your business running efficiently with the feature that grants you access to all your invoices.
Stock Take
Keep track of what is coming in and going out of your business.
Control your stock with ease. Integrate your POS-system to keep track of your stock. Manage your business efficiently with the stock take feature that ensures you never run out of key ingredients. Ensure that there is no wastage due to the predictive analytics system that ensure you run your business efficiently. Maximize your productivity with the digital feature of stock taking. Simplify your procurement with the feature that shows your stock in all your business units.
Effortlessly run your business from procurement to pay
Achieve more with a procurement system built for your business
Finance Apps. Built to help organizations and specifically targeting those restaurants in the food industry, manage the way they do business.