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Purchase Orders
Be in control of your orders from who and where.
Control your business by selecting who you want to purchase products from. Appreciate the simplicity of finalizing your orders with a touch of a button. Receive all your order acceptance letters in one location. Enjoy the control you receive with all your important documents in one location. With your POS-system integrated you stay in control of your business with always having enough products. The purchase order feature is designed to simplify your order needs.
Goods Received Note
Hassle free digital receipts.
Keep your business efficient with the Goods Received Notes feature. Receive notifications on when your order is received, in order to keep your business running smoothly. Keep your receipts in one location hassle free. The goods Received Notes feature enables you to run your business on your terms by informing you on when your order will be received. The feature gives you the opportunity to compare receipts to make efficient choices for your business.
Quick effortless access to all your invoices.
Receive invoices from all the products you order. Manage your business with ease by gaining access to all your invoices by a touch of a button. Make bookkeeping easy with storing all your documents in one location. Decision making simplified for the comparison of invoices all in one location. Keep your business running efficiently with the feature that grants you access to all your invoices.
Stock Take
Keep track of what is coming in and going out of your business.
Control your stock with ease. Integrate your POS-system to keep track of your stock. Manage your business efficiently with the stock take feature that ensures you never run out of key ingredients. Ensure that there is no wastage due to the predictive analytics system that ensure you run your business efficiently. Maximize your productivity with the digital feature of stock taking. Simplify your procurement with the feature that shows your stock in all your business units.
Compare prices with a touch of a button
Compare prices and purchase order that fits your business. With the predictive analytics you receive quotes from products you need at an affordable price. Enjoy the quick and efficient feature of receiving quotes with no extra administration needed. With the integration of your POS system and the predictive analytics you receive quotations that fit your business needs.
Move your business into the future with Finance Apps.
Suggested Orders
Receive suggestions for your next order
Manage your business efficiently without running out of a key ingredient. The suggested orders feature ensures you know when to order and the products you can order. With your POS system integrated you receive reminders that your ingredients are decreasing that you can order on time and continue to run your business efficiently.
Stock Transfers
Order stock and ensure all your business units receive them
Ensure all your business units receive the products they need with a touch of a button. Manage your business effortlessly with the ability to transfer stock from one business unit to another with no extra administration work needed. Purchase orders quick and easy and send them to all your business units. Access all your store rooms with one feature and ensure each unit works to their fullest capacity.
Credit Note
Receive credit notes on products returned
Send and receive orders hassle free. Return wrong orders with a touch of a button and receive credit notes from the supplier. Access all your credit notes in one location and compare them if needed. Manage your business efficiently with the knowledge of the orders you returned and the credit notes you receive. Get the confirmation you need with the credit note feature to run your business the way you want to.
make adjustments to fit your business needs
Appreciate the effortless methods of adjusting your orders to fit your business needs. Adjust the delivery method on your orders with a touch of a button. Integrate your POS system and appreciate the effectiveness of the predictive analytics to ensure you adjust your settings to your business needs. Manage your business efficiently with the adjustment feature that enables you to adjust the setting to your preference.
Paid Out
Receive confirmation on orders purchased
Finalise orders you want to place with accessible payment methods. Manage your finances with ease. Finalise your orders and receive instant confirmation from your suppliers. Store all your documents in one location with a touch of a button. Ensure all your procurement needs are taken care of with the paid out feature. With the security feature imbedded all your transactions are protected and stored in one location.
Effortlessly run your business from procurement to pay
Preparation Sheet
Procure the list of items you need in one location
Keep track of your ingredients with the preplist feature. Add items to the preplist to ensure you order all the products your business needs. With your POS system integrated and the predictive analytics you add products to your preplist to ensure you manage your business efficiently. Manage your stock list with ease with adding items you need to your preplist. Add and remove items to the preplist feature to ensure your business keeps running efficiently.
Offline Stock Take
Do stock take hassle free anytime
Keep track of your stock anytime you need to. Keep your POS system updated with the feature of doing stock take offline. Control your stock and admin in one feature with the ability to do it offline. Run your business in any situation that can occur. The offline stock take feature ensures that you are in control of what comes in and going out with the ability to do so without internet connection. Ensure you keep track of your ordering needs.
Stock Wastage
Control your stock with ease
Manage your business with no wastage. Integrate your POS system into the application to ensure your business is run efficiently. With predictive analytics your business will be alerted if there is any stock wastage. Ensure your stock usage is efficient with what your customer needs are. Guarantee an increase in profits with the ability to ensure your stock is not wasted. Make business choices based on the accurate data you receive in regards to your stock.
Product Wastage
Eliminate the wastage of a product
Eliminate extra expenses with the product wastage feature. Receive a monthly summary of the items wasted and eliminate the problem. Ensure your business is run efficiently with the product wastage feature. Minimise expenses of products wasted with this feature. Manage your business with the product wastage feature to increase profits and to decrease expenses. Simplify your business needs with this feature.
Be in control by knowing when your order is approved
Receive confirmation on your orders. Simplify your business needs with the way you give approval. The approval feature enables you to give the approval for quotations you need. Give approval to your suppliers on products you need to increase profits in your business. Approve every transaction to ensure your business is efficient. Simplify your steps from procurement to paying with the approval feature on the Finance Apps.
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