Enabling business continuity through flexible and dynamic stock ordering solutions

Empower your business with trend setting ideas based on accurate data.

Empower your business with trend setting ideas based on accurate data

Stay in control of your procurement needs through predictive analytics.
Manage your business efficiently without running out of a key ingredient. Our Finance apps solution empowers your business through predictive analytics that notify your business on any inventory that is low. Our application enables your business to integrate your POS system to showcase accurate data prediction. Gain business continuity with accurate data that ensure you order products on time for a continuous positive customer experience. Our suggested order feature includes all your business units to ensure overall business continuity.
Receive relevant quotes from vendors on time to ensure product availability for your customers. Finance Apps notifies your business of any inventory that needs to be ordered. We implement predictive analytics to uncover any product wastage in your business to ensure efficiency, our predictive analytics uncovers any form of wastage including order duplicates. Keep your business relevant to new trends with suggested orders that include long tail solutions, meaning you receive new product solutions that will give your business a new edge.

Enhancing procurement needs through visibility with reliable and robust technology

Receive and approve digital quotations on hand, on the go.
  • On the go ordering

  • Seamless integration

  • Eliminate stock shortage

  • Time saving solution

Create a positive customer experience on a global scale through user-friendly technology

Intuitive technology that enables hassle-free procurement solutions.
Bigger reach
Innovate your business with a digital solution that extends your customer reach. Through online procurement services you can adjust your orders to be bigger to cater to a bigger crowd. Increase your bottom line with a digital solution that gives your business guidelines on what and how much to order.
Positive customer experience
Sustain a positive customer experience with consistent stock level. Give your customers what they want with a procurement solution that reminds you when your suggested level of stock is low. Enable business continuity with a digital solution that reminds you that one of your business units are running low.
Inventory management
Manage your inventory with ease through Finance Apps. Our software solution gives your business a guideline on the level of stock you need to have to continue to run your business. Have enough stock even during a pandemic with our suggested order feature. Keep track of your inventory and order online through alert notifications.
International orders
Place your stock order from anywhere in the world. Through global access you have the ability to ensure your stock orders are places on the go. Ensure that all your units have products with our suggested order feature you can order international products on time and to the correct business unit.
Successfully drive your business into the digital future

Innovative Global Procurement Management Solution.

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