Digitizing procurement management with Finance Apps.

Digitizing procurement management with Finance Apps.

Procurement management is based on overseeing all the processes that occur in the organisation from sourcing suppliers to ordering resources to ensure on time completion of services and solutions. Digitizing procurement processes with a procurement software solution aids any organisation in simplifying and fast tracking all their procurement processes.

Finance Apps is a mobile application that enables transparency for your business and your procurement system, which allows for simplified electronic integrations for all suppliers. Finance Apps is a quick to implement application that works alongside your organisation and allows your organisation to work from one central location. A specialized e-procurement solution that enables a competitive advantage with cost and time savings. Offering real-time insights to your procurement processes.

Contract management is a key aspect in procurement management as it ensures that both parties complete their side of the contract. Finance Apps assist organisations in managing their suppliers’ contracts in one centralized location that authenticates each user before allowing access to the documents. Through contract management, organisations can negotiate new ones before the termination date on the contracts. 

Purchase orders and invoicing aids in the auditing of orders and ensuring that they are completed on time and completely. Finance apps aids organisations in uploading, storing and approvals of all purchase orders and invoices to ensure on time payment processes to guarantee on time deliveries of necessary resources.

Procurement management is about ensuring the completion of orders through goods received notes and stock taking. Utilizing a specialized e-procurement solution aids in the storing of goods received notes with swift access to them when stock take is being conduct either online or offline. Matching the stock with goods received notes ensure that orders are completed and that both parties keep to their contractual agreement.

Spend management is a key aspect in ensuring the continuation of any organisation as it offers organisations the ability to minimize wasting of money, time, and resources. Through spend management and a specialized procurement solutions, procurement management is simplified with easy tracking and budget implementation.

Comparing invoices and stock take lists is a tedious task without a software solution that offers on demand reports. Having secure and swift access to accurate analytical reports based on real time data is necessary to implement accurate budget solutions and prevent time and spend wastage.

Purchase decisions are a key aspect in procurement management, and the approval process is tedious for most organisations. Utilizing a digital solution aid procurement managers with easy purchase requests and digital approvals from anywhere and at any time to ensure on time order completion.