Predictive Ordering

Advanced predictive ordering ensures you always have the stock you need.

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Production Planning

We use real time sales data to predict what products you need and when.

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The data you need, when you need it and how you need it.


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Stock Take

Our advanced stock take feature connects with your POS system.

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The Benefits of Using Finance Apps


Resource Efficiency

Teams and managers significantly reduce ordering time and improve accuracy in the process removing paper documents and long processing times.


Predictive Ordering

Predictive ordering makes it easier to plan and order. Tool is pre populated with recommendations making it potentially a one click order based on suggestions.


Efficient way to run your business

Less time ordering, less paper processing, improved accuracy, enhanced analytics, easy integration with major POS systems.


Achieve more with a procurement
system designed for you

Improve the way you manage your business with Finance Apps



Accurate data at your fingertips

Reduce costs and increase profits. Access to your stock data in real time.


Cross platform integrations

This application works on any device and integrates easily with your existing POS system.


Stock Take

Our advanced stock take feature connects with your POS and takes into account pending orders and deliveries


Our Partners

Procurement Management Application

A specialized e-procurement system designed for your business. Finance Apps makes procurement easy and efficient as you have all the information you need at your fingertips, on any device.

The integration with your POS system enables you to make accurate decisions based on historic data and predictive analytics. Reporting functionality enables you to compare days, weeks, and even years of data which helps you to really take control of your business.


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